Wednesday, July 22, 2015

third pregnancy {faq}

-You do know how this happens, right? Umm... yes? Pretty sure. 

-Was this pregnancy planned? Not by us! I remember feeling slightly nauseous the night before Thanksgiving and then had the sudden impulse to eat a bowl of cereal to feel better. I thought, 'No way but maybe I'll take a test in the morning just in case.' I was still nursing Drew and hadn't thought about the timing of our next baby. We knew we wanted at least one more but hadn't discussed when. Thanksgiving morning the lines turned blue lickety split and I was beyond excited. I didn't tell anyone right away since I didn't really know anything and wanted to see my doctor first. After the initial excitement, I went through a day of feeling overwhelmed. My baby wasn't even one yet and how could I do four under four? That lasted a whopping few hours and I was back to being over the moon about it. I'm really trusting God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Also, I am praying for a good sleeper. That would be a Minor baby first. ; )

-Is it a boy? More often than not, rather than asking if we know the gender, people (mostly strangers) ask if it's a boy this time. Welp, we don't know. We didn't find out this time! But I'm guessing a girl. And we'll be thrilled with either! (My sweet neighbor, Loretta, literally prays over my belly every time she sees me. 'Jesus, please let this be their boy.' But then she always says they had three daughters and 'three strikes and we were done.' I'm all, Strikes?! Well, that's not really the best way to look at it...)

-Has this pregnancy been the same as your other two? (I think people ask this to try to figure out if it will be a boy or girl...) I have felt the same exact type of nausea as my other pregnancies. And by type of sickness I mean all day, every day, can't open the refrigerator, eat a ton of cereal, gag brushing my teeth, etc. sickness. But I'm thankful for it. I was really holding out for this to stop by 16 weeks or so like the last two times. No such luck. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and still just as sick. I had really bad heartburn towards the end of my other two pregnancies--more with Drew. This pregnancy, I've had heartburn since the end of the first trimester. Drew had more hair than the girls, so maybe the old wives tail is true about heartburn and the amount of hair. If that's the case, this kid better come out with Rapunzel hair. Like I get heartburn from drinking water.

 I've also had bloody noses at least once a day since then. I had a few at the end of my last two pregnancies. But, this time, basically every time I laugh too hard, bend over for too long, or scratch my nose, I get a bloody nose. Which basically helps the nausea situation not at all. They tell me this is normal. So overall? I'd say this is about exactly the same as my other pregnancies just amplified by about a trillion. I'm way more achy this time but I've been reminded I'm older now. Thank you very much. 

-Cravings? I haven't really felt like much to eat this entire pregnancy. Just the thought of opening the refrigerator door is discouraging. And, wouldn't you know, toddlers eat all the time. So I'm basically preparing/cleaning up food non-stop. Oh, the irony. I did go through a phase in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy where if I didn't eat three bowls of Kellog's Pops cereal in the evening, I thought I might die. (Pregnancy is so dramatic, right?) So, my non-GMO, organic, whole foods philosophy about eating was compromised for the sake of survival. (Kind of like on Friends when Phoebe was pregnant with the triplets and wanted nothing but meat...) I hadn't even seen a box of Pops since high school but, wouldn't you know, I almost single-handedly ate 8 boxes of it during the first 12 weeks. 

-Are the girls excited? Drew has no clue what's going on. Bless her heart.The girls on the other hand are definitely more excited this time. They sing to my belly, come up with the best/most imaginative names (Nosu? Add it to the list!), ask how the baby is feeling, and are generally thrilled to be getting a new baby. 

We've been blessed with three wonderful pregnancies and, while this one has definitely been the most difficult, we would never take it for granted and are praising the Lord for another little soul. Things are about to get a little crazier around here, but we wouldn't want it any other way. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

dear baby {drew}

Dear Drew-bee, 
I wrote a letter like this to your sisters when they were around two months old. As I write this, you're 19-months-old, sleeping soundly in your crib, 7 centimeters or so away from being a big sister. Not the baby anymore. But still, in so many ways, a baby. You've been a doll baby and now a tiny firecracker running around our house. 

I've been meaning to write this to you for months and months. I've kept a list of things I wanted to remember about your babyhood on my phone. And I'm sure you'll forgive my lack of writing about your baby and toddler years but, for the sake of my poor memory, I wish I had the chance to write a little more.  These last 19 months may be a bit of a blur compared to your sisters' first years but I have cherished every second and feel so happy to say we have all lived in the moment and soaked you in. You are adored--to put it simply. You were prayed for, hoped for, and expected...yet became the sweetest surprise we've ever been given. Our 'rebound baby.'  A miracle baby, really. We have watched you transform from an easy, quiet, sweet baby to a fiery, independent, opinionated toddler. {Which kind of threw us for a loop in the last two months, if we're being honest...} You sat back and watched this family move around you until you were ready to keep up and have your say. 

I remember watching you sleep when you were tiny. How you would tuck your thumbs between your pointer and middle finger. I don't know when you stopped doing that  but you slept like that for months. You were a great napper. Not so much a great night sleeper. But, eh, who needs sleep? You were and are a snuggle bug and still much prefer our bed to yours.  You were curious and almost shy at first. Peering at people through your eyelashes as you kept your head down.  You took in the world around you with a worried and concerned look on your face. 

{Also, you thought the soundtrack of the world outside the womb was the song 'Let It Go' on repeat. Because it was. Your sisters grew out of that phase but whenever it comes on now, you get really animated and sing 'go' along with it. Like it's the anthem of your birth year.}

You moved from being quiet and calm to being a huge goofball in a short period of time. When you're feeling real good about life, you have an amazing baby strut--you stomp around one arm swinging way behind you. You laugh at your daddy, your sisters, Howie, things that aren't really funny but are just hilarious to you. When I would nurse you, you would prop one of your feet up on my shoulder or under my chin. Because that's super comfortable for all involved. You still like to ride like that in your grandma's single stroller, with your feet way up by your ears.

Speaking of Grammy, she is by far your favorite person in the world and you literally squeal with joy when she walks in the door. Other favorites: Daddy, Lolo, Char-char, Katie, Noney, Mimi, Uncle Dustin...I get a spot way down the list. Way, way down. I'm cool with it, though. I only birthed you. And then nursed you for 12 months. No big thing. 

You went through a phase where when you were in your high chair ready for your food you'd just throw your pacifier. You get really excited about mealtimes. And speaking of your are definitely attached. We'll just deal with that at a later date though, yes?

You are thrilled and awed by new things every day. When you even saw the clouds out of our airplane window...I thought you would explode from the wonder of it. You kept saying, 'whoa, whoa' and pointing. So excited at your new discovery. 

Somewhere along the way, you've become a shoe girl. You love your shoes. You love to bring people their shoes to put on. You have a favorite pair of little green Tinkerbell ballet slippers from your Lou-lou that you wear every moment possible. They go with nothing but you don't care. 

Your big sisters dote on you and mother you and, in return, you are infatuated with them. You try so hard to keep up with them. You expect to be able to do anything they do and you're convinced you're 'big' like them. For a long time you let them get away with anything. Piling toys on you when you had zero defenses. Giving up bites of your snack or the toy you were playing with. Not so, anymore. Sorry, sisters. But you can hold your own. You were an easy, dream baby. But we are loving the sass and strength you are starting to show just as much. {Let's go a little easier on the sass, though, mmkk?}

I wondered how different it would be having one baby instead of two at the same time. Your sisters got a lot of attention  when we were out and about because they were cute (duh) but also because there were two of them. People lose their minds over twins. But apparently they do the same for red-headed, blue-eyed babes. You literally stop people in their tracks with that sweet face and spunky personality. 

You've taught me so much about being a mom and, somedays, I still can't believe God has trusted me with you. I can't wait to see you grow and change and become you. You are truly love and light and joy in this house. You make dance parties epic and bedtime sweet. We love you so much, baby Drew. I thank God every day that I get to be your mommy. 
Love and kisses,

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